Sophia Lucia

Sophia Lucia Dancer

Sophia Lucia is a 10 year old dancer at San Diego Dance Center.  She is in 4th grade and is home schooled.  She has a Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.  Sophia has appeared on America’s Got Talent, Disney’s Shake It Up, and The Ellen Show.  She has appeared in 2 Old Navy Commercials and s 2011 Party City Commercial.  She was featured in Fox Legacy’s Shirley Temple.  Sophia has also modeled for Discount Dance Supply.  Sophia Lucia performs in season 3 episode 2 of Dance Moms at Xpression Dance Competition.  She received first overall.

Sophia Lucia Dance Pictures

Sophia Lucia in Season 3 Episode 2 of Dance Moms

Sophia Lucia and Ally Serigne in Dance Moms Group dance

Sophia Lucia with Gia Martello

Sophia Lucia on Dance Moms

 Sophia Lucia 2012 Dance Competition Season

Sophia Lucia Tap solo

Sophia Lucia performing solo Dream

Sophia Lucia Contemporary solo Turn to Stone

Sophia’s favorite turn sequence

Sophia Lucia performing Musical Theater solo Big Spender

Sohpia Lucia doing Ambrose Respicio Choreography dancing to Telephone

Sohpia Lucia doing Ambrose Respicio and KC Monnie Choreography

Sophia Lucia doing 47 Pirouttes!!

Sophia Lucia on Ellen Degeneres

Sophia Lucia performing “Sweet Dreams” her Contemporary solo

Sophia Lucia 2011 Dance Competition Season

Sophia Lucia performing her Open solo Bird Dance

Sohpia Lucia on Fox Legacy: Shirley Temple

Sopia Lucia performing solo Good Girl

Sophia Lucia solo “Let me Entertain you”

Sophia Lucia performing her solo “Total Eclipse”

Sophia Lucia performing her solo “Hey Daddy”

Sophia Lucia performing her solo “My Own Rhythm”

Sophia Lucia 2010 Dance Competition Season

Sophia Lucia performing tap solo “Little Me”




  1. Ananf

    Sophia is WOW!

  2. Ariel

    Sophia is spelled wrong on the header just an FYI!

    also im sure you get list of dancers to add but you def should look into some like courtney schwartz she’d be in the adult category i believe. shes amazing,, there many ot hers i know of that are so talented and not on here. its unfortunate… also, lauren herb shes like 12, idk if shes on here havent checked..anyway good luck!

  3. Angela


    I just can’t get more than 5 turns. Can u please help me on tips to get more

  4. Chuck Paul

    Wow young Miss Lucia has accomplished alot in her short life. She is now 10 and every dance she does exudes feelings. Sophie has the talent to make her audience<=(sp?) feel what she is feeling. Most are happy feelings and a pride in showing off her moves and since dancing is a leg show her long legs are part of what she (and all of us) feel.
    In her dance to a breakdown of the heart where she is falling apart, Facials moves …yep I cry as she does a dramatic interp of "falling apart"
    Our rising star is a gymnast, actor, and mime all in one and Te things she can do with her hips are AMAZING I notice her costumes have a "tail" that swings back and forth. In short, she really knows how to shake a tail. SDDC spares no expense on costumes, hair & make ujp and choreography.
    It appears they have her cast in the role of a bujrlesque Diva as most of her dances go way back to the days of Gyupsy Rose Lee, Chicago, and her crowning touch, dances from the movie "Burlesque" She is as good as Christina Aguilera who co-wrote "Im a Good Girl"

    I knew Sophie's grandpa and wish she were MY grandaughter. She is lucky to have such way cool parents and they are lucky to have her. It is impossible to watch her, listen to her etc and NOT fall in love with her.Men, women, boys and girls… we al love Sophia Lucia.

    She is unspoiled, charming, and humble. I LOVED watching her perform and interview in Ukrain a country of many talented young women like Mila Kunis and 2 olympic gold medal winning rythmic gymnasts.

    OK I have rune out of steam <3 Cp BUT did she perform on America's Got Talent or not? Did she break the world record for most pirouettes or not?

    Later Chuck Paul a loyal and devoted fan <3

  5. Chuck Paul

    OK I can limit it to an appreciation of how much Sophia has accomplisheed in her 10 short years
    She has a special skill of making us feel what she is feeling. Obviously she loves her work. (BIG SMILES) it is impossible to wsatch her dance and hear her interview etc and NOT fall in love with her. Sophia Lucia is the epitome of talengt, style , grace and humility. Love <3 Chuck paul

  6. Liane

    Omg! As soon as she started her solo on dance moms, my mouth dropped open. She is absolutely the most amazing young dancer I have ever seen! Wow! She’s beautiful! Keep up the good work girl. You will go so far with your talent.

  7. marcela

    i love this little talented girl,,,succeeding at a young age for her passion keep up the good work..hope to see more of your nice dances//

  8. Alyssa Rachel

    Sophia is such an AMAZING dancer! I watched her performance while with the ABBY LEE TEAM. Most amazing performance I have never seen period. She’s Gorgeous and Dances … such Perfection. I Hope to watch her dance throughout her life and mine!!!! Great job, Mom supporting your daughter in dreams and positioning her to develop her talents.

  9. Catherine

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! Prodigy dancer!

  10. Heather Pyle

    Wow! Need I say more. Sophia you are so special, beautiful, talented, and amazing. I’m so grateful I got to see you dance. You are blessed and you bless all of us. Keep up the good work can’t wait to see more from you. You’re a doll and you’re mother seems so sweet too.

  11. Deanna Swan

    OMG I hope some day Sophia becomes a dance teacher. I would pay out of pocket just so my future child can perform like her.

  12. lexie whitman

    Hey soph it’s syd your bestie you are the best love ya !!!
    Everybody out there I am sophias bestest friend on the whole universe and nobody is going to take
    Her away from me even if you try because I go on trips and everywhere with her and you don’t so ha!!!

  13. Sydney

    How old are you? U are amazing!!!!!

  14. jade

    hi, i love sophia. could u please do a page on hayden hopkins?

  15. Krystal

    hi omg i love you your so talented. what year are you born in 2002 or 2003?

    1. brooke


  16. brooke

    hi Sophia you are awesome!!!! I mean unbeatable!!!! email me at

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