Charlize Glass

Charlize Glass is an amazing 10 year old dancer who dances at The Rage.  Charlize has a Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.  She performed in Willow Smith’s music video “Whip my Hair”.  She has also performed with Bruno Mars, and the Far East Movement.  Her favorite types of dance are Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet.

Charlize Glass 2012 Dance Videos

Charlize Glass’s solo Circus

Charlize Glass and Flavahs Crew auditioning for America’s Best Dance Crew

Charlize Glass at The Pulse Dance Convention

Charlize Glass performing “Check me out” choreographed by Ace Hood

Charlize Glass dancing on Maury’s Mini Idol 2012

Charlize Glass performing “Gimme That” choreographed by Dejan Tubic

Charlize Glass performing “Motto” choreographed by Dave Scott

Charlize Glass 2011 Dance Videos

Charlize Glass and The Rage performing Lil Mamas

Charlize Glass performing her solo “We are who we are”

Camren Bicondova, Jade Chynoweth, Kianna Jasper, and Charlize Glass in David Moore’s class

Charlize Glass and other dancers playing a Playstation 3 dance game


  1. Amarrah

    I love charlize glass , and the best part is I might b going to the rage

  2. shamya

    hayy charlize please get on skype

  3. Mani

    U go Char Char

  4. kelsey

    Charlize you are my roll modile you just keep dancing

  5. Gradie Esukuwa

    i love u so much charlize and get skype or oovoo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. evanah

    you inspire me so much!!!!!! and the 8 flavahz i really want to get to where you are and im workin on it

  7. JaLynn

    Destiny And I,JaLynn always search up your dances and try to dance to it.Our team name is CharlizeDancers.I know 4 of your dances drummer boy,rock me out,make it shake and 8 flavahz.I wish I can grow up like you but I can dance to tap,ballet,jazz, and hip-hop.I just want to be on tv and dance with famous people

  8. mayra



    Hey Charlize Glass I just want to say that I love the way u dance and I just want to no wen u are coming to nashville,tn. So message me wen u get this…….. thanks :-)

  10. natacha

    She is so cool because she dance great ,fast and she is10.
    Biiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggg fan of Charlize Glass

  11. Amilia Sweat

    charline and i love your dancing


    wow, this girl can dance……..#jealous !!!!!

  13. Memi Hardin

    Hey char ur so awesome ur also very talented! The first thing I do when I’m on YouTube is type in Charlize glass! Lol I love ur personality! I wish we could meet,There is no doubt in my mind that we won’t! we have so much in common! The hair, the personality, the talent, lots of cool friends,we love the same types of dance! All I have to say is KEEP DANCING

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