Payton Ackerman Dance Moms

Payton Ackerman appears on Dance Moms. She was born on August 24, 1997.  Payton is  14 years old and she has danced at Reign Dance Productions for 4 years and is a part of the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company.  She goes to Upper St. Clair High School in Pittsburgh, PA.  Payton has a sister named Taylor who is 18.  Taylor lives in North Hollywood, CA and is pursuing a career in dancing and acting.  Taylor will be in an ABC family musical movie in March.  Payton has a brother, Connor who is a junior at Upper St. Clair Highschool.  Connor plays hockey for the varsity team and for the amateur Pittsburgh Predators team.  Payton’s Parents, Leslie and Greg own Luma Restaurants in Mr. Lebanon and Aspinwall.  Payton lives one hour away from Abby Lee Dance Company.  She has a Facebook and Twitter.  Payton Ackerman first appeared on Dance Moms in Season 2 Episode 1 when she auditioned to replace Vivi-Anne Steins position on the Dance Moms competition team.  Payton make it to the last cut however she did not get the spot because she was too tall and too old to be a part of the Dance Moms team. Abby Lee Miller said she would have to “cut Payton in half” to put her on the Dance Moms team (Payton Ackerman is 5 feet 4 inches tall). Payton’s mother, Leslie Ackerman was very upset about Payton not making the Dance Moms team and expressed her concerns to Abby Lee Miller.  Payton Ackerman comes back in Season 2 Episode 4 of Dance Moms and performs with the Dance Moms team in Brooke Hyland‘s spot.  Brooke Hyland left dance to cheer in season 2 episode 3 of Dance Moms and that is why Payton is stepping in for her.  Payton tried out for the Candy Apples team but decided she was not interested in joining.

Payton Ackerman Dance Videos

Dance Moms girls and Payton Ackerman performing What Comes Around

Payton Ackerman Dance Competition Pictures

Payton Ackerman-Dance Moms solo Sinking Feeling

Payton Ackerman- Dance Moms  solo Love Game

Payton Ackerman-Dance Moms solo Love Game 2

Payton Ackerman-Dance Moms solo One Track Mind

Payton Ackerman-Dance Moms solo One Track Mind 2

Payton Ackerman and Brandon Pent duet Shes so Beautiful

Payton Ackerman from Dance Moms Pictures


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