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maddie ziegler-Dance MomsMadison Nicole Ziegler is a 9 year old dancer who appears on the show Dance Moms.  Maddie Ziegler originally named Taylor and was called Taylor for the first two days of her life.  She is Polish, Italian and German.  Her birthday is September 30th 2002.  Her parents names are Kurt Ziegler and Melissa Ziegler.  Melissa is a regular on Dance Moms and Kurt has been on the show once.  Kurt wants to take Maddie and Mackenzie out of Abby’s studio and claims dance ruined their marriage.  They divorced before the show Dance Moms started.  Maddie lives in Pittsburgh, PA and dances for the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company.  Maddie has become well known for being on Dance Moms and has done many news interviews because of that.  Maddie does all styles of dance, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern and Acro.  She started dancing at just 2 years old.  Her favorite styles of dance to perform are Lyrical and Tap and those are what she wins her titles for.  Her favorite thing about dance is learning new routines and performing on stage.  Maddie Ziegler wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up, either on Broadway or as a choreographer. Her favorite subject in school is Math and her favorite color is neon blue, pink and purple.  She has a younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler who is 7 and also dances on Dance Moms.  Maddie has a Twitter page but does not have a Facebook.  The Zieglers have a Youtube account.  Her sister Mackenzie does not have a Facebook or a Twitter.  Maddie’s nick name is Madd Dog.  She just started on pointe. Her goal for the year is to win Elite Dancer at West Coast dance Explosion.  The Ziegler’s have a room in their house called “the store” that houses all their dance clothes, costumes, and jewelery. Her mom, Melissa Ziegler also has a Twitter.  In high school Melissa was a cheerleader and on student council.  Maddie takes singing lessons but does not have time for anything else!  She is in 3rd grade at Sloan Elementary School  In season one of Dance Moms Maddie was undefeated all season 1 except for one competition.  She started off season 2 great by winning 1st overall with her solo and group number.  But before the show ever started she won many awards and titles in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  Some of the dance moms believe that Maddie is Abby’s favorite and that she gets more attention than the other girls at thestudio.  This causes conflict especially between Christi Lukasiak and Melissa Ziegler.  Some of the dance moms also believe that the reason Maddie always wins is because of all the attention she gets from AbbyLee Miller and Gianna Martello (the assistant dance instructor).  Despite the conflict between the mothers Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie are best friends and always support on another.  Click here for more information about Maddie.

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  1. Taylor

    Maddie you are a great dancer ,

  2. taylor

    ur awesome maddie

  3. Susan

    u r a fantastic dancer. u r one of my favs. luv u maddie!

  4. roselyn g

    maddie you are my favorite. i wish i could dance like you. but its to late cause i am 10 years old i wish i could’ve started earlier you inspire me

  5. Daniella rivero

    Maddie luv u can’t wait for u to come to Miami and ur my fav dancer

  6. Gianna s

    I love you madie your great at dancing your always at the top of the piramaid because you pay attention if you have a kik kik me my username is Katyperry11223344

  7. Gianna s

    Your one of my favorites dancer Maddie luv the way you dance your awsome good luck on next competition

  8. nicole

    maddie you are so butiful

  9. candice

    maddie i love u im also a dancer and u r my inspiration my moms disabled and me and my family are making sure im ablr to dance and i keep on going because of u ur my idol

  10. kayla

    maddie you are the best
    it would be my dream to meet u and dance with u
    i dance too!

  11. Maddie

    Maddie you are the best dancer on dance moms I am so happy that you always 1 place overall maddie keep up the good work and tell Abby,chole,Mackenzie,nia,Kendall,Brooke,piage,and the moms I say hello and dance moms is the best show ever I play soccer,dance,and swim good bye love you maddie.bye lol

  12. Olivia

    Maddie u r so great I luv u

  13. kayla

    maddie, what type of dance shoes do u wear when u r atrehearsal and when u go onto the stage.btw,im just wondering how many pirouettes can u do cuz i cant do many ,but im trying to learn from u and chloe , nia,mackenzie,paige and of course brooke

  14. Maria

    Kenzie u r the best dancer on DANCEMOMS you are my fav and can u accept my texts on the app kik

  15. emma

    To be honest it a great dancer but I think everyone should get solos not just u but.u r a really good dancer

  16. Kim

    Hi maddie!
    I have the same birthday !
    September 30 2002!

  17. Kayli

    Omg maddie your my favorite in dance moms!!!

  18. fabiana b

    Maddie you are the best from we in the Brazil

  19. Cameron

    Maddie I love your song that you did with Chloe that was so cute the song was Last Friday Night I’ve been listening to it on my iPod your doing good at dancing I’ve been watching dance moms for a long long time and I love all the girls keep it up Maddie your the pretty girl and your sister you are the pretty girls and I love all the girls love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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