Gianna Martello Dance Moms

Gianna Martello Dance Moms Assistant Choreographer

Gianna Martello Dance MomsGia Martello is the assistant choreographer on Lifetime’s Dance Moms.  Gianna was born on June 10, 1989.  Her parents are Paul and Kim Martello of Braddock Hills.  She started dancing when she was 4.  She started dancing at  Reign Dance Productions when she was 6.  She was also a part of the Abby Lee Dance Company until she graduated.  She graduated from Oakland Catholic High school in 2007 and studied at Point Park University.   Gia is 5’1″ tall.  She has a Facebook, Instagram and a Twitter. She is said to have a “special relationship” with Maddie Ziegler.  Gianna was 2nd runner up for Miss Dance of PA 2007.  In 2006 she won Teen Miss Dance at the American Artistic Awards in Orlando, FL.  Gianna started teaching dance at just 16 years old, she is now 22.

Gianna Martello Dance Moms

Gianna choreographed Maddie Ziegler’s solo “The Girl I wanna be” and Chloe Lukasiak’s solo “Proof”.   She loves to shop and watch “Gossip Girl”,”Keeping up with the Kardashians”, “The Bachelor”, “The OC” and “Pretty Little Liars”.  She is also a fan of Justin Bieber.


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