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Mia Diaz Dance Moms Miami

Mia Diaz was born on September 17, 2001 and is 10 years old.  Mia Diaz is a dancer on Lifetime’s Dance Moms Miami  Mia Diaz lives in Miami, FL and dances at STARS Dance Studio.  She danced at Just Dance it before she went to STARS.  Mia started dancing at 2.5 years old.   Her talent agency is Bloc Agency.  Her favorite styles of dance are  Musical Theater, jazz, lyrical and contemporary.  If she doesn’t grow up to be a dancer she would like to sing because she loves to perform.  Her favorite subject in school is Math and she gets straight A’s.  A.  Mia Diaz has two brothers Ryan and Tyler.  Her mom is Leonora Diaz.  Mia Diaz has an Official Facebook Fan Page and her mom Leonora has a Youtube Channel.  To learn more about Mia go here.

Mia Diaz Dance Moms MiamiMia Diaz from Stars Dance Studio Pictures

Mia Diaz from Stars Dance Company  performing Ave Maria

Mia Diaz from Stars Dance Studio performing Poker Face

Mia Diaz from Stars Dance Studio performing Bolero

Mia Diaz’s 2011 Dance Competition Season

Mia Diaz and Krizia Lanza performing Habanera (a duet from her old studio Just Dance it!)

Stars Dance Studio performing Why on TV

Mia Diaz performing her solo My Confession (Fragile) choreographed by Victor Smalley and Angel Armas

Mia Diaz performing her solo Pokerface choreographed by Victor Smalley and Angel Armas

Mia Diaz performing her solo Ave Maria choreographed by Victor Smalley and Angel Armas

Mia Diaz performing a solo for Disney’s Shake it Up

Mia Diaz performing her solo This is the Moment choreographed at her old studio Just Dance it!


Dancer Probz


  1. Lauren

    I am a huge fan of Mia Diaz! Would love to meet her one day… but for now i would settle for a follow on Twitter! @tinydancer321 woohoo!

  2. Lauren

    hi! mia its lauren u r really pretty!!! and you are a really good dancer!!!!and dont lissen to the haters!!! they are just jelious! of u! u can do so many things that they cant do! you are amzing!!!!!!! you are my favorite dancer in the whole inter world!!!! i love u sooooooooo much!!!!! :) and how do i do a edit for u?

  3. Vivian Garcia

    Hi Leonora and Mia! My daughter Izabella (7 yrs. old) and I have become great fans of both of you after seeing you on Dance Moms of Miami. Mia, you have become a great inspiration to Izabella who would love to meet you! You are an amazing and gifted dancer! We wish you all the best as we know your star will reach the sky! Leonora, you have become an inspiration to me with your dedication and strength. May you always be your daughter’s rock as she fulfills her dreams! Much luck to you both! P.S. We also love Victor and Angel!
    - Vivian and Izabella from NJ

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