Angel Armas Dance Moms Miami

Angel Armas is a choreographer and owner at STARS Dance Studio in Miami, Florida.  He was born in Sagua La Grande, Villa Clara, Cuba on October 30th.  He started dancing at age 12, taking lessons in ballroom dancing.  His choreography is now in high demand by local TV shows, concerts, and artists.
He will be featured on Dance Moms Miami which is a spinoff from Dance Moms.  Angel Armas has a Twitter and Facebook.  His dance students call him Pipo.  Stars Dance Studio does more contemporary and less acro than the girls in Dance Moms from Pittsburgh.  Stars Dance Studio opened in 2007 and their colors are black, silver, blue, and white.  Dance Moms Miami will start in April 2012.

Victor Smalley and Angel Armas-Dance Moms Miami Preview

Angel Armas Dance Moms Miami Pictures

Angel Armas Dance Moms Miami

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