Zackery Torres

Zackery Torres Abby's Ultimate Dance Challenge

Zack was born on March 16, 1999 and is 13 years old.  He was born in Litchfield Park, AZ and now lives in Phoenix, AZ.  His favorite style of dance to perform is Lyrical and his favorite style of dance to watch is Jazz.  He wants to be a professional dancer when he grows up, but if he doesn’t dance he would like to become an ultrasound tech.  His favorite school subject is Math and his favorite color is green.  He dances at Dance Connection.  Zack was sent home in the 4th episode.

Zack Torres in group number Thieves

Zack Torres in group number La Vie En Rose

Zack Torres in Earth Intruders

Zack Torres in All that Jazz

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Dances

Episode 1 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Hadley, Zack and Madison performing Jazz Trio

Episode 2 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Zak performing his Musical Theater solo


  1. cathy

    just caught the show and can not beleieve that you were sent home ; ( i really hope that you take Abby up on her offer and that i will see you partnering with the Abby Lee dancers ….. really gonna miss you …. and your mom. thank the good Lord above that you don’t have one of those crazy dance moms ; )

    fingers crossed to see you on the pyramid !!!!


  2. Isabel


    When you got kicked off Abbys show I was crushed you deserved to stay. You are a fantastic dancer and I know that you are going to be a star. You will go down in history, hope to see you on the pyramid, the girls will love you!

  3. Petronella

    I was disppointed when u got voted off the show because I think your an awesome and I don’t even know anything about dancing but I wish i could dance just seeing u dance on the show makes me want to.u seem like a nice guy on the show and you don’t have a crazy dance mom like all the others on the show and I think it’s both cute and brave of you to like to be a boy dancer.i figure skate and love it!!!!!!!but wish I could dance to.hope to c u on the show if u take up Abby lees offer and I would love to meet u in person someday.


  4. Sammy

    You by far were the best dancer on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”. You are an awesome dancer, and I think it shouldn’t have been you that got eliminated! I cried when you got eliminated, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition will never ever be the same without you dancing on stage!

    -Your BIGGEST fan… Sammy <3

  5. Katie


    I was so disappointed the night you got kicked off the show. I thought you did an amazing job. All my friends at school the next day where talking about it. Some of my friends started to cry. I than started to. You are an amazing dancer. You are very flexible. On the show you were my favorite because you are the best dancer ever you should have won and because your mom didn’t have drama like the other mom’s did. Thanks for being awesome! I am your #1 fan!!! Love Ya bye! Follow me on instagram @KKaty22

  6. Debbie

    I teach in a school were we have dance offered as part of the curriculum. I teacher kindergarten students….I have a young man who is inspired to become a dancer because of you….he told me that he wants to be a dancer when he grows up because he sees you on the show and knows that it is ok for boys to dance.
    Thank you for your inspiration…you are a great dancer and I hope to see you again.

  7. Mel


    I think that you did a great job on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

  8. Corrie

    PLEASE take abby up on her offer, I would love for you to be on dance moms because your mom is the best, not a terrible dance mom like the others.

    Love you!

  9. Alyssa Jeane DeVries


    Omg you are so good! a thousand times better than I could ever do. I totally was so somber when you got kicked off the show. But you will always be a good dancer in the Lords eye and my eyes! :)
    Keep climbing that ladder to fame and you’ll be a STAR! (more than now and 4ever)

    Alyssa Jeane Elizaey DeVries <3

  10. Christine DeFeo


    I think your the most amazing boy dancer I’ve ever seen!
    You have a future! Always remember, take what offer you
    Think is best for you. I am such a huge fan words won’t describe.
    If only we lived near each other. I would act like your best friend.
    But not just because your famous. I love you for who you are.
    Love you :)
    Christine, one of your best friends, even if we are so far away.
    (PS. I have a huge crush on you.

  11. Carol

    Dear Zach I absolutely loved every minute you were on that show. I’m also a dancer from Minnesota.. And I really want to meet you some day, you are such an inspiration. You seem like a great guy that every girl should have. Good luck with your dance career, and I hope I have the privalidge to meet you some day!

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