Jordyn Jones

Jordyn Jones Dancer

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Jordyn Jones is a 12 year old dancer from Steps Dance Company. She was born on March 13 and used to live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Jordyn in home schooled.  She has a Facebook.  Jordyn is represented by Clear Talent Group.  Jordyn now lives in Studio City, CA.  Jordyn’s favorite style of dance to perform is Hip-Hop and her favorite style of dance to watch is Jazz.  She would like to be a professional dancer and singer.  If she does not become a professional dancer she would like to be a professional singer.  Her favorite school subject is Writing and her favorite color is gold.  Jordyn is a part of the singing and dancing group of 5LP, five little princesses. Jordan won a solo in episode two of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition for physical strength.  Kelly owns Steps Dance Company.  Jordyn was eliminated in episode 8 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

Jordyn Jones and 5LP performing live

Jordyn Jones and 5LP performing Summertime

Jordyn Jones 2012 Dance Competition Season

Jordyn Jones Jazz solo Supermodel

Jade Chynoweth, Jordyn Jones & Sierra Neudeck in Todd Flanagan’s Dance Class

Jordyn Jones 2011 Dance Competition Season

Jordyn Jones performing her solo “How do I Look?”

Jordyn Jones performing her solo choreographed by Sonya Tayeh

Jordyn Jones performing her solo choreographed by Ian Eastwood

 Jordyn Jones performing her solo choreographed by Zandra Thomas and Aly Moss

Jordyn Jones 2010 Dance Competition Season

Jordyn Jones performing her solo “Brighter Day”

Jordyn Jones performing her solo “Party Girl”

Jordyn Jones performing her solo “When I Lost you”

Jordyn Jones 2009 Dance Competition Season

Jordyn Jones performing her solo “Bossy”

Jordyn Jones performing her solo “She’s Late Again”

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Dances

Episode 1 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Lexine, Jordyn and Asia performing Hip Hop Trio

Episode 2 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Jordyn’s Lyrical solo

Dancer Probz


  1. Sheila

    Hey ur so pretty! and talented

  2. Samantha

    Omg I luv u I first saw u on Abby’s ultimate dance off or competition I luv you

  3. sholar

    i luv u so much and u are so talented and pretty i wish i was u :)

  4. Riley

    OMG! I totally luv u! Your so good and so pretty! I’m trying to get Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, and ballet but it’s not going so well…. :( I wish i was your friend.

  5. Lolli

    So cool

  6. iulia

    hi Jordyn i’m a big fan and i ‘m so honestly with you :i want to meet you and by the way you are so beautiful and cute and nice all the ya #DFTS

  7. Antonia

    Hey Jordyn,
    I Love you!!
    Your Dances are so beautiful
    Please Check your Skype Account!!!
    Love Antonia

  8. lauryn

    Ur amazing and pretty and talented

  9. gary

    i personally do local hip hop battles for fun and ive been doing this for a long time since i was 10 and i think jordyn is great as a matter of fact i feel lyk on audc she should have won there was some people who could have left b4 she did except asia her and asia should have been final 2 and even though i do battles for fun someday i would love t learn from jordyn p.s. jordyn can dance

  10. Robin

    I don’t luv u cuz idk u but ur very talented and I wish I was as confident as u are with dancing.

  11. Cianna

    Hi Jordan I always try to be like because you are so talented and some people make fun of me because I dance horrible and you are so pretty and I am not

  12. clauryne

    I love you wonderful

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