Amanda Carbajales

Amanda Carbajales Abby's Dance Challenge

Amanda is 12 years old and lives in Miami, Florida and dances at Dance Town.  Amanda is in the 6th grade.  Amanda’s favorite style of dance is Lyrical and she wants to be a professional dancer someday.  If she doesn’t become a professional dancer, she would like to be a dance teacher.  Her favorite subject is Math and her favorite color is Yellow.  Amanda won $500,000 on Paula Adbul’s “Live to Dance”.  Amanda has a 7 year old little brother.  Her mother Mayelin Carbajales is also on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.  Amanda won the projection group challenge winning a lyrical solo.  Amanda was eliminated in episode 9 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

Amanda Carbajales performing solo “With or Without you”

Amanda Carbajales performing “Like a Prayer”

Amanda Carbajales and D’Angelo Castro audition on “Live to Dance”

Amanda Carbajales interview about “Live to Dance”

Amanda and D’Angelo doing a ballroom routine

Amanda and D’Angelo back stage with Paula Abdul

Amanda and D’Angelo in semi finals of “Live to Dance”

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Dances

Episode 1 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Amanda, Brianna and Elisabeth performing Contemporary trio

Episode 2 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Amanda, Brianna and Kyleigh Jai performing Jazz funk trio

Amanda Carbajales News

“They Live to Dance Another Day”

Miami Kids Crowned Winners Of “Live To Dance”

“S. Fla. Dance Duo Takes Top Prize At “Live To Dance” Finale”

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  1. Elle

    Go Amanda <3 ur amazing :) Amandas my fav on abbys ultimate dance competition <3 <3 :DDDD

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